Dave Dyment

Lifetime Piling Up

Video Project

The film projector provides an apt metaphor for life lived: as the take-up reel accumulates, the feed reel diminishes. A finite lifespan is illustrated by a growing past and shrinking future. Lifetime Piling Up will project a programme of ten video works that chronicle the passage of time, games, rituals, things going around in circles, lifelines and timelines.

In Francis Alÿs’s Reel – Unreel, the camera follows a children’s game in Kabul, Afghanistan. Two young boys push a reel of film like a hoop, up and down hills, through town. One unspools the film and the other tries to re-gather it, as an example of “doing/undoing”. In her performative video Iron-Woman, Alexandra Bischoff irons and then wears her entire wardrobe. Micah Lexier divides the screen proportionally between life lived and life to come. Lisa Steele catalogues the scars on her body, recounting the story of their origin. Other artists include Dean Baldwin (Montreal), Corinna Schnitt (Brunswick, Germany), Jon Sasaki (Toronto), and Miruna Dragan/Jason de Haan (Calgary).

Compiled by curator and video artist Dave Dyment, the program takes its title from a 1992 Talking Heads song and includes internationally celebrated works alongside productions by emerging and mid-career artists. All have been selected for their ability to communicate to both art audiences and the broader public. In addition to the scheduled screening[s], looped ambient videos will play continuously throughout the evening.


Location: Beaver Hills House Park, Jasper Ave (between 104 & 105 Streets)