Joel Adria & Amelia Scott


An Interactive Digital Parachute

Remember those parachutes you played with in elementary school gym class? Nova, the digital parachute, captures the essence of this quintessential childhood experience, but with some 21st century electronic fun! Children, the young at heart, and those looking to re-discover their inner child are invited to come together and celebrate the night under our e-textile canopy of stars.

Participants will be welcomed into the parachute circle and guided through a series of parachute games to unlock the magical potential of this interactive LED canvas. Accelerometers sewn into the parachutes handles generate light patterns based on each participant’s unique movements. Small ripples create mesmerizing effects, and larger synchronized waves can trigger a more spectacular Nova effect! Everyone’s movements bring this parachute to life, and working together is rewarded by unlocking dazzling light patterns when the team is in sync.

The gentle lift and fall of the 24’ parachute is made even more wonderful with an underbelly of LEDs that twinkle like stars when the parachute is lifted overhead and experienced from underneath. Nova ties into feelings of childhood joy and wonder, inviting the public to group together and play.

Nova will be constructed using a custom dark-coloured parachute, along with a dozen e-textile sensor computers and over one hundred multicolour LEDs.


Location: Beaver Hills House Park, Jasper Ave (between 104 & 105 Streets)