Blaine Campbell


Interactive Projection

Skyreach is an interactive, projection-based work. It will consist of a series of large slide projectors displaying circular astro-photography images on the sides of buildings. Skyreach will be activated by encouraging the public to use the projectors to create hand shadow puppets (ombromanie) as they engage with the work.

Imagery will be derived from the Hubble Space Telescope public use raw data archive. Space imagery is always subject to an interpretative aesthetic process, particularly in determining and assigning colour schemes. As such, I will use the raw data to create my own interpretation of the Hubble’s photographs. The resulting images will be UV printed on large glass slides. (UV glass prints will not fade over the course of Nuit Blanche.) Each projector will present three different slides, slowly rotating in and out of view similar to the phases of the moon.

The projectors will be fully enclosed, so as to avoid tampering or interference, and should be able to run autonomously.  LED lighting will be used to maximize light output while reducing heat and power consumption. Each install location will also include signage with examples of ombromanie hand placement, to further encourage public participation.

Blaine Campbell is an Alberta-based artist working in photography, sculpture, and film. He holds a B.F.A. in photography from the Emily Carr Institute as well as a B.Math. (Waterloo) and M.Sc. (Calgary). Blaine is the recipient of the National award in the BMO 1st Art! Competition and the Emerging Artist Award from the Contemporary Arts Society of Vancouver. His work has been exhibited in Canada and Europe, and he is represented by Republic Gallery in Vancouver.


Location: Beaver Hills House Park, Jasper Ave (between 104 & 105 Streets)